You can purchase EasyMark Online assessments directly though our website by selecting the assessment and quantity of tests. Our team will be in contact shortly after to get you started. All tests include a 'Teachers Instruction Manual' and a free 'Diagnostic Report' and 'Whole School Picture Report' giving you meaningful and useful insights into results.

We also offer testing packages to meet school requirements, testing packages include testing at the start of the school year which acts as a formative test to ascertain where a student is sitting within their cohort. Packages also include end of year testing at the end of Term 3 or into Term 4 to identify end of year results, growth of the student over the year and assist with placement of students for the next year for class allocation.

Formative Mastery tests will be available from Term 1 2020 and can be used to instil developmental learning in the classroom. A full timetable is available to implement this into the classroom.

Where schools purchase tests elsewhere, EasyMark has generic answer sheets for most tests (PAT, MYAT, AGAT, you will be required to have the relevant books to do the test etc) available online.

Our pricing is competitive and we can provide a custom quote for your school to meet your requirements. Our commitment to schools is that we want to be a resource that everyone can use, and we price accordingly, from small remote schools with less than 20 students to large schools with 2,000+ students we will provide a price that you will be happy with.

We have great launch offers for Term 3 and 4 2019 and the 2020 school year below or contact us today using the 'Contact Us' button below or call us on 1300 855 293 to discuss a custom quote for your school.