What We Do

What We Do


EasyMark has been partnering with schools for nearly 35 years providing testing, marking and reliable data reporting and insights into the progress of students. In 2019 we launched EasyMark Online, a digital assessment platform to help schools maximise student learning. We worked closely with educators to develop state-of-the-art assessment technology that not only directly meets the needs of schools but transforms student learning. EasyMark Online platform enables principals, school leaders and teachers to genuinely help students improve and reach their potential.
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Expert Authoring and Test Design

The quality of assessments students complete are crucial to effectively improving their performance and growth. EasyMark only partner with leading Australian academics to author our assessments.

  • Authored by renowned Australian academics and educators.
  • Mapped to the current Australian Curriculum.
  • English, Mathematics, Science, NAPLAN style tests, OLNA, EMTS.
  • In-depth and varied question types that are LTI & QTI compliant
  • Attitude surveys written by psychologists to effectively measure student attitudes to subjects, bullying, self esteem as well as teacher and parent attitudes.
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Online Test Delivery

Eliminate the headaches of printing, storing, transporting and distributing paper based test booklets. The EasyMark online platform makes the assessment process and sending attitudes surveys easy and efficient.

  • Easy to use platform for students and teachers.
  • Video tutorials and how to guides for setting up and completing tests.
  • Locked down, safe exam browser or open book options.
  • Easily send online surveys to parents to measure attitudes.
  • It can be completed on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, iOS or Windows.
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Intelligent Marking

Teachers can free up their weekends and evenings while EasyMark take care of marking student assessments using intelligent machine marking and our human marking service.

  • Fast turn around times.
  • Standardised, fair and accurate.
  • Automated machine marking.
  • Semi-automated marking for test requiring both machine and human marking.
  • Human marking for tests comprising of subjective aspects of writing.
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Results Reporting and Diagnostics

Clear visibility into student, class and year group progress is both crucial and powerful for both teachers and schools leaders.

  • Detailed reporting and meaningful data providing schools with insights to directly impact student learning and performance.
  • Raw data is transformed into meaningful information norms, percentiles, percentage and stanines.
  • Teachers can make effective real-time changes to lessons.
  • Principals and Deputy Principals gain clear visibility and can make comparisons and strategic decisions based on the reports.