EasyMark Benefits

In 2019, EasyMark is going On-line.  From Term 1, EasyMark are offering On-line testing for Numeracy and Language Conventions.  We will be adding Science as it becomes available for years Foundations to Year 10.  The benefits for you is that you will have same day reporting on class performance, which is an invaluable tool for teachers.  Once all classes have finished testing a Whole School Picture summary can be produced.

For current pricing for On-line Testing please contact our office on 1300 855 293 or email manager@easymark.com.au

Benefit to the School and the Teacher

With EasyMark going online, schools and class teachers will have the EasyMark results on the same day to provide a wealth of information about the students in the school. As well as providing important extra opportunities for students to experience a testing situation and useful diagnostic information to guide teaching and learning programs, the results can be used to compare students from year to year.

Through EasyMark testing, the school will be provided with a whole school picture as well as individual class reports for class comparisons and, importantly, get a good indication of what students need help and in what areas.

Class teachers will be provided with an individual class report to see where their class sits in relation to other classes in the same year group and discover which student needs assistance and in what areas.

From trials that were conducted in 2018, on our online assessment platform, our assessments have been well received by students and teachers alike.  Our assessments are interactive, not just multiple choice and provide the students with a variety of question types, Short answer, cloze questions, drag and drop, pair match, gap match, hot spot, hot text, true or false, slider and more.

Benefit to Families           

Sometimes it is difficult for a parent to know if their child is having difficulty in a learning area and where their child might need support. The EasyMark service will identify where a child might need help and in what area. This then gives guidance to teachers to steer that child in the right direction.

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Email:  manager@easymark.com.au

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