NAPLAN Marking and Analysis

We can mark NAPLAN tests for all year levels.

Results are presented in a similar manner to NAPLAN results. Past papers can be marked immediately but if you are using the current year's paper, there will be a delay until normed results are released (usually at the end of the year). We can mark the whole set of tests for each student or you can choose individual components to be marked such as Reading or Punctuation & Grammar or Spelling or Writing or Numeracy.

Attitude Measures

EasyMark can provide a choice of many attitude surveys, such as student self-esteem, staff attitudes, attitudes to individual subjects and attitudes to bullying and safety or attitudes to school.

More detailed information is available on the EasyMark Services Test Descriptions and Levels form.

All EasyMark surveys will be emailed to the school free of charge. Most surveys and attitudes measures can be modified to suit your school. Please phone or email to discuss this option.

Marking IQ Tests

At the request of schools different types of IQ tests can be marked. These tests and manuals are available from bookshops or from ACER directly. The most commonly used tests are:

  • ACER AGAT (General Ability Test)
  • ACER MYAT (Middle Years Achievement Test)
  • ACER General Select (replacing ML&MQ)
  • NFER Nelson Verbal Reasoning
  • NFER Nelson Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • NFER Nelson Spatial Reasoning

Test results can be collated by whole year group and provided electronically as well as on paper. Interactive excel spreadsheets are provided so data can be sorted in many ways to suit your analysis purposes.

School Surveys

School-based Surveys can be developed to meet your school's needs easily and cost effectively.

Department of Education and Training (DET) and EasyMark School Community Surveys – Parent, Student or Staff

All Years: A survey inviting parent, student or staff views of how the school is operating in terms of student outcomes. The staff version has an extra section on staff management.

Key Outcomes Surveys – Parent or Staff: This survey addresses the eight key outcomes from the annual reports.

DET Staff Wellness Survey: Please contact us for samples to be sent by email.

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