• EasyMark are introducing On-Line testing in 2019. From term 1, you will be able to conduct tests online and get same day class reports on your students performance
  • assists schools, education systems and other clients to identify the information they need to monitor and improve their operation
  • designs information collecting instruments, such as questionnaires, tests and attitude measures to gather the desired information
  • trials and refines information collecting instruments and collects normed data
  • designs the presentation of the desired information in a form matching the needs of the client
  • designs software to automate the process of transforming the raw data into the required presentation format
  • assists schools, education systems and other clients to make full use of their data by offering workshops for key staff on the implications of the data.

What is the EasyMark Service?

EasyMark is a service to schools to help them get practical and understandable information about student achievement standards, areas requiring additional attention, student, parent and staff attitudes to the operation of the school and any other information that schools need in order to monitor and report upon the effectiveness of their school and with our online testing you will be able to have this information on the same day.

  • EasyMark has a suite of On-Line tests covering, Mathematics for years Foundations to Year 7, Language Conventions for year 1 - 7 and in 2019 we are adding Language Conventions for year 8 - 10, and Science for years Foundation to 10 and these     will be added as they become available to us.
  • EasyMark publishes and supplies schools with a range of achievement tests and attitudes surveys across the learning areas.
  • EasyMark offers a marking and diagnostic reporting service for all commonly used tests including all of the PAT test series, NAPLAN past papers (please check with us on the year you are going to use), New TORCH (Tests of Reading Comprehension ) Reading Comprehension.

We are happy to discuss your needs and can provide current advice on schools testing trends and preferences. We can provide completely obligation free quotes and samples of tests and reports for discussion with other school members. All Attitude and Community Surveys can be modified to suit the school's needs.

How does EasyMark work?

Schools complete tests online, class reports are generated and sent back to the teacher & Principal on the same day of testing.

Paper tests will still be available in the short term and schools will complete their tests and post them to us including a copy of the Marking Order Form with schools details.

For Paper tests the results and the test papers are sent back to the school with an invoice for the marking. There is usually a one week to 10 day turn around for this process but we are happy for you to call us to talk about special deadlines.

All results are sent as Excel spreadsheets and printable PDF files by email. Test papers will be returned by Australia Post.

How does EasyMark charge?

For EasyMark On-Line tests, the school will buy the exact number of tests required and are charged for the number of tests purchased. Included in the cost of the tests is the Teachers Instruction Manual and the class reports. Where schools purchase tests elsewhere, EasyMark has generic answer sheets for most tests (PAT, MYAT. AGAT etc) available online.

For paper tests, EasyMark test papers are supplied by the exact number you require and are charged on a per paper basis. You will need a Teachers Instruction Manual for each year level of each test, but these can be reused in subsequent years. Or, you purchase your tests elsewhere and just use the EasyMark marking and analysis service. We have generic Answer Sheets suitable for most tests that we are happy to email to you.

For paper tests we use the Australia Post Parcel Post service. We are happy to assist with advice or information at any time.

Please see our Price List for current charges including discounted items and services.

PHONE: 1300 855 293
FAX: 1300 855 294

Email:  manager@easymark.com.au

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