Why EasyMark

EasyMark gives principals and teachers an online platform and quality resources to genuinely help students improve and reach their potential.
Admin and Workload Cover image
Reduce administration and workloads

Spend less time on administration, reduce workloads and spend more time teaching.

Reporting and Insight Cover Image
Improve reporting and insights

Gain unparalleled insights and visibility into student, class and year group strengths, learning gaps and growth.

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Save time by eliminate time-intensive marking

Teachers don't need to spend anymore of their valuable time marking. EasyMark take care of marking for you.

Improve Teaching Effectiveness Cover Image
Improve teaching effectiveness

Equipping teachers with detailed student analytics shortly after tests allows them to make effective teaching decisions in real-time to directly improve student learning.

Teaching and Learning Cover image
Individualised teaching and learning

Focus on individualised student learning based on powerful diagnostics intelligently assessing student levels.

Engagement and Well Being Cover Image
Improve engagement and well-being

Understand and monitor the attitudes and views of teachers, students and parents to help improve engagement and well-being for all.

High Quality Assessment Cover Image
Rely on high quality assessments

Spend less time planning and writing tests and more time focusing on teaching using EasyMarks credible, curriculum mapped, expert authored assessments.

Easy Access Information Image
Easy access to the information you need

Quick and easy access to student, class and year group results and reports for parent meetings, at report time, preparing budgets and making decisions.